xthegirlwithbrains -> ooc; Don't know if you'll ever get this, but I'm back from my very very long hiatus. And I'm just feeling very nostalgic remembering all the fun we used to have. Just came back to say that I love you, miss you, and you were--by far--my favorite Julie. I loved sharing a muse with you. Hope your life has been good! Keep living, darling <3 xoxo

// So I just come back on this blog after a ridiculously long time and find this… I’m getting all emotional and teary and ugh, I feel so bad for disappearing. This has just… totally made my day. 

I can honestly say that you were also my favourite Julie and the first Julie rper I followed. I was kind of in awe of you ^_^ So for you to say that about me, that I was you favourite also (although I do not deserve that praise in the slightest) is just pretty amazing. I can’t even think of any real words to reply with right now that do what I’m thinking justice. I love you and miss you too and the fact that you remembered me makes me feel incredibly honoured and this is all just adding up to be a really cheesy reply isn’t it?

I’m sorry, don’t go, come talk to me and I really do apologise for this random babbling I’ve gotten into -flings self at and hugs-

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Julie sighed, kicking at a small rock at her feet in frustration. Nora and Perry said they’d only be gone for ten minutes at the most and now by her estimate, they’d been gone for about twenty. Before she let herself get all worried, the blonde adopted a more frosty approach, so that even the footfall behind her was easy to judge too quickly.

She spun on her heels, gun propped up at the hip. “All right, where the hell have you two -” But it certainly wasn’t Nora or Perry.

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So… Any R’s out there who want to help me get Julie back? ;)

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I’ve begun to notice that many of the Warm Bodies roleplayers that were frequent around here around the films release have suddenly started disappearing. I, unfortunately, have been one of them. This is for a number of reasons, from new characters that I have come to adore, to getting a little annoyed at someone possibly stealing my username. (And I say possibly because it may be a mere coincidence, but I assure you, the mun knew my url for a long time before theirs changed.) 

And I’d love to return because I just can’t let go of my Julie, even if my muse is no longer that strong for her. But I can try. I will hopefully try. Though I’m sorry if this turns out to be one of those messages where I’m all enthusiastic about roleplaying again and then I don’t.

- Julie’s Mun

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So cold I know you can’t believe it

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I have been in hiding. 

I am so so sorry. I know I have threads to respond to. And lovely messages to answer.

I have so much to do right now. I will return as soon as is possible.


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Reblog if you’re thankful for your followers

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You just gotta love Julie Grigio, she’s such a bad ass!!!

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Julie shook her head slowly, smiling at his response. “There’s that shrug again.” she said. “But, yeah, I’m glad you’re here, in some ways.” She noted his head tilt and thought that maybe he could hear something she couldn’t, like the patrol, yet before she could speak, he spoke for her. Her exact thoughts spilled out of his mouth, more fluent than she had ever heard them.

“It was risky, R. You could -” Her voice stuck on the word die. It was one she’d heard all too often applied to those she cared about. “You could get hurt. I’m not worth that, okay?” she finished.

R blinked, gaze rising to meet Julie’s. He nodded; not quite in agreement, but in understanding, definitely. “I… I understand,” he mumbled, a frown tugging the corners of his lips down. “But… I think you’re worth it.” ‘No stutter,’ he remarked silently, proud of himself for the unbroken string of words. 

Another largely reluctant smile spilled across Julie’s face and she started at him in mild amusement and awe. Whilst it was true that his phrase was incredibly cheesy, it was also the longest thread of words she’d ever heard him speak without stopping. Each little tiny step towards humanity created a breakthrough of light in her heart, pushing her deeper into her conflicting feelings.

"If you say so, cheeseball." she quipped. Her deep blues eyes momentarily scanned the area for anyone that might not give R the time he needed to explain himself. "I think we’d better hide you somewhere." She nudged his arm gently, trying to tell him that it was her turn to keep him safe.

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The Living Curse | @wewillexhume


Medicine. He vaguely remembered it. Pills swallowed, disgusting tasting syrup…Yeah, he remembered medicine. He sighed, but wasn’t about to argue. 

R looked at her, worry clouding his eyes briefly. “Yeah.” He began. “I feel fine. Guess the cure doesn’t make you invincible.” If anything, it would be a good thing that he got the cold, right? Proof that he was completely human? It was good, right? “Why do you ask?” With a slight grunt, he sat up and stretched. “I’ll go with you,” He rasped, “to get the medicine. Maybe I can just…just walk this off.” He coughed a few times then got up to find some warm clothes.

His voice was faint and entirely unlike himself. But that was explainable. A perfectly normal, human explanation  The more Julie reminded herself of this, the more she could believe it was true. She felt his absence when he got up, cold and a little unwelcome to say the least. But she leaned over and watched him anyway. It fascinated her, the way she could sometimes tell that he had to test actions before executing them. It was similar to how he used to taste the feel of words before speaking them, when learning everything anew.

Shaking her head slowly, Julie smiled warmly in R’s direction. “Okay. Who knows, maybe fresh air really does work miracles.” she said lightly. “On another note, we have been a bit reclusive lately.” For many reasons, not just the fact that I want you to myself, she added mentally with a sly grin. “We”l get you fixed up.” 

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Soooooo… just cuz it’s Munday and I feel like it and you probably haven’t seen me before, who wants a picture of the mun?

-crickets chirp-

Ah well, I’ll leave it here anyway!

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//You’re extremely beautiful! :D Awwww! <3

ooc: -faints- Oh my etro, that is such a lovely compliment I - aahhhh! I don’t deserve your love R-mun! xD

// Awww bby, but you DO deserve it, because it’s true! ^-^

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